Friday, January 20, 2017

Don't Install Ipe Decking Without Your HOA Knowing

You're looking to upgrade your backyard space with a new deck. Instead of going for the standard material you see at other homes, you want the uniqueness of Ipe decking for its colors and textures. You measure the space out, order the decking material, and clear a weekend to put together the new fixture. However, before you make the first cut, think about one thing ... did you get approval from your Homeowners Association (HOA)?

Regardless if you're are using Ipe decking or not, building a deck without approval from your HOA can be a violation and lead to fines. It might not be due to the material being utilized. Rather, it's the rules the HOA establishes to maintain a constant in the development you reside in. Without these guidelines, changes could be made to homes and properties which result in the lowering of property values.

To ensure you don't run into violations in building your deck, consult with your HOA to determine the requirements. In many cases, the HOA will request the submission of an architectural review to determine if your deck fits the model of the development. They may require information on the material you're using, the measurement of the deck, and if you have acquired the services of a design firm to complete the task. The architectural review may also request a construction timeline.

Once approved, you can begin construction with Ipe decking. If denied, reach out to a deck construction professional in your area to determine the best course of action to complete the task.

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