Tuesday, January 3, 2017

4 Great Deck Design Ideas for Your Home

A deck is more than just part of your home's structure. When regularly used and designed properly, it is also an extension of your living space. However, because many don't look at a deck as a living space, there are possibilities that are easy to overlook. Creative approaches to decks help homeowners get the most use out of this space.

Composite Designs

Even though most aboveground pools have decks, inground pools can also benefit from the use of decks. A composite deck surrounding the inground pool makes it much easier to set up a full-scale outdoor space. Attaching the pool deck to a deck leading out from the house is a good way to get the most out of this space.

Two or More Levels

A deck that spans more than one level creates interesting possibilities. Tiered deck space is a good choice for those who have a lot of plants or outdoor sculptures to display. On two-story homes, a lower patio deck for entertaining and an upper deck for plant life or star-watching also work out quite well.

A Spot for Entertaining

A deck that features a roof makes entertaining much easier. Firepits or chimineas also help make the area more versatile. Designing a deck with built-in seating areas and even an outdoor kitchen will help your space shine.

Connect to a Clubhouse or Treehouse

If you have kids who want a clubhouse or treehouse, it can be a great idea to keep these structures connected to the rest of the house and accessible to the rest of the family via a deck. Many treehouses designed today are good for the entire family, too. Connecting a treehouse to the deck will open up a lot of family fun.

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