Monday, January 16, 2017

Choosing the Right Fencing for Your Portland Home

Home fencing in Portland can serve many purposes. You may prefer something that's going to offer privacy or something that's going to add value to your property. Make it easier to make a confident decision by knowing what to consider when choosing the right type of fencing for your home.

Establish Priorities

Take a moment to consider what's most important to you in a fence in relation to your property. With privacy fencing, you may not be limited to one with no space at all between boards. If you have a lot of trees and climbing plants, you may do well with a fence with a spaced lattice since you'll still get a similar level of privacy.

Explore Different Materials

Wood and chain link may be common fencing materials in Portland neighborhoods, but there are others that can be even more versatile. Vinyl can have an appearance similar to wood. Yet it has fewer maintenance demands.

Think Out of the Box

Be open to fencing designs that are a little out of the ordinary. For instance, not all fencing has to have a gate if it's strategically placed. A stepped design can give you privacy where you need it and provide better access to the view in other areas.

Should you still have trouble narrowing down your choices, consider seeking input from a fencing contractor in Portland. Discuss any specific needs you may have to ensure you'll get fencing that works best for you. Most contractors will take care of permits and refer to zoning guidelines on your behalf.

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