Friday, March 3, 2017

Why is Ipe Decking a Sensible Choice?

When you invest in new decking, you’ll want assurance from your supplier that it’s going to last a long time. If longevity is your priority, your decking contractor may have recommended ipe wood as your decking material. But why is ipe decking such a sensible choice?
It Lasts Longer
Most decking lasts between ten and fifteen years if you care for it well. In similar conditions, ipe decking could last four to seven times as long, which makes it a very smart investment.
Ipe is a hardwood found in the subtropical Americas, and it comes from the Tabebuia tree. It lasts a long time because it’s much denser than other woods, and around five times harder too. Because it grows in a tropical environment, ipe produces oils that naturally treat it and help it to last even longer.

It Ages Well
Not only is ipe an attractive medium to dark brown color, but it ages well too. It can patina if you allow it to, though it can also be treated to bring it back it its original shade if you prefer. Due to its hardwearing properties, even if you use ipe in an area with lots of foot traffic, it will hold up well over time.
Resistant Properties
Ipe is known to be resistant to both weather and insects. It can withstand many environmental pressures, including water submersion, and it’s even resistant to fire and rot too. If you need decking that will withstand harsh conditions, such as heavy rains, possible animal infestations, or heavy useage, ipe is a very sensible choice.

If you want a wood deck that’s durable ipe wood is the material to go for. Contact a trusted contractor to find out more about your ipe decking options.

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