Wednesday, March 1, 2017

How Composite Decking Helps You Sell Your Home

New decking isn’t just something to enjoy in the short term. It may also be a sound investment for your future, actually helping you to sell your home more quickly when the time comes to move.

What Do Buyers Want?

It can often be a buyer’s market, which means you need to do what you can to appeal to a wide range of people. Research has shown that 84% of home buyers actively look for a patio or decking feature in the property they’re going to buy. When the decking is done correctly, an outdoor space can easily be an extension of a home's interior square footage. Buyers will like the versatility of the deck in these instances. Similarly, you too can enjoy it up to the time you sell.

Selling a Lifestyle

Even if buyers don’t explicitly state they want usable outdoor space, a composite decking area can help an agent to nudge them in regard to the appealing lifestyle it offers. Decking can be used for social occasions, as a cooking area, storage space and even sunbathing during good weather, so, it’s easy for buyers to be sold on the leisure opportunities a deck offers.

Particularly with composite decking, buyers will be impressed by its durability, low maintenance requirements, and child friendliness. Buyers will likely appreciate an outdoor space that requires very little in repairs or upkeep.

By installing composite decking, you can enjoy an entertaining lifestyle while knowing that when it comes time to sell your home, the decking will only improve your odds of closing a deal quickly. Just be sure to hire a reputable contractor so that your composite decking is of a quality that ensures a future return on your investment.

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