Monday, March 6, 2017

How a Pergola can Transform an Outdoor Space

Take a look at any outdoor design website and you’ll notice how many stunning spaces include pergolas. These features don’t just have to be for glossy photographs- you can easily incorporate them into your own outdoor space too. Here’s how a pergola could transform your outdoor space into something special.

A Focal Point for the Eyes
A beautiful wooden pergola is going to draw the attention of whoever visits your outdoor space. Pergolas can come in many styles and designs to suit different aesthetics, but tend to be latticed and are used to either section off parts of your space, or create walkways and paths in your garden.
For additional warmth and brightness, add outdoor lighting to your pergola to draw attention to the space.

It Provides Shelter
Although pergolas do not provide full shelter from the elements, they are excellent at giving shade from the sun while not eliminating natural light in a space.
Many people choose to add additional shelter to their pergola in the form of drapes, removable screens and climbing plants.
Some people even place living room furniture under their pergola, which makes it a great extension of any indoor space you have. Add a fire pit or a barbecue and you have an area that’s functional all year round.

Room for Plants to Grow
Particularly if you have a small back yard, it can be hard to create an outdoor space that’s practical while also being green and leafy. Pergolas are great for climber plants such as ivy, and as they grow upwards you won’t need to sacrifice functionality for lawn space.

Pergolas are very versatile, and can transform any outdoor area. Always hire a trustworthy contractor to build your pergola, so you’re investing in a quality structure that will last for years.

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