Friday, May 12, 2017

Ipe Decking: A Beautiful and Durable Deck Option

If you like the feel and tone of natural wood decking, but hate the maintenance real wood requires Ipe decking might be the perfect choice for your next project. Durable and insect resistant, this Brazilian hardwood is becoming a favorite among home improvements specialists around the country.

Ipe Is Insect and Decay Resistant

Ipe is native to South America and contains natural oils which preserve the wood and repel insects. This natural defense against decay makes Ipe decks last years longer than projects made from traditional wood sources. Ipe is also much harder than common lumber. Care must be taken to predrill holes for screws but once installed, Ipe is there to stay.

Ipe Requires Little or no Maintenance

You won’t have to worry about having to water seal thousands of square feet every year. Ipe does not need it. Sealants don’t even stick to Ipe anyway, due to the hardness and oils. To keep Ipe gleaming simply apply oil whenever necessary. An even lower maintenance option is to allow Ipe to weather. It will eventually turn grey but will not require additional treatment every summer.

Scratch and Dent Proof for Outdoor Fun

Have you ever owned a beautiful new wood deck, only to see it scratched by a lounge chair or grill? Ipe is too hard to scratch easily. It doesn’t dent easily either. This is why it is rated to last up to 50 years. Ipe gives you a hard surface suitable for having fun. You won’t have to tiptoe around your deck with Ipe.

Ipe is a beautiful alternative to more commonly found decking materials. It requires more care to install to prevent splitting when applying screws, but the result is worth the time. Ipe is durable and low maintenance, making it a solid choice for your next outdoor living project.

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