Monday, May 15, 2017

Consider a Contractor when Building a Pergola

Pergolas elegantly enhance any outdoor living space. Besides complementing a landscape with architectural appeal—adding geometry and diversity to your greenery—pergolas provide relief from the summer sun. That said, the best pergolas require a degree of craftsmanship possessed by very few homeowners. Therefore, it is best to hire a pergola contractor for the job.

DIY Kits Short on Panache

Pergolas range from simple structures to ornate edifices with multiple tiers and intricately carved posts. For the most basic designs, homeowners can resort to DIY kits. There is nothing wrong with this if you seek a fairly pedestrian look. If you are seeking to make a statement, hire a pergola-building professional instead.

Professionally Built Pergolas Endure

There are many steps to building a solid pergola. If any are missed, the structure becomes weak. Stability signifies a professionally built pergola. Sturdiness requires correctly planted posts and solidly built framing, the hallmarks of a pro builder. A good contractor will use industry standard fasteners to withstand high winds. A DIY kit will not demonstrate the same resilience.

Contractors Adeptly Incorporate Design Elements

The tails of a pergola provide an opportunity for expression that evades DIY homeowners. A contractor will design a pergola with flair by adding elements which complement or mirror the architecture of your home. Alternatively, they can craft a unique style that serves as a focal point in your yard. Skilled contractors create tight joints and smooth transitions. By enlisting their skills, you minimize the risk of embarrassment from shoddy construction or a disjointed thematic.

For a basic pergola meant to last only a season or two, a homeowner can try DIY. For anything more evocative and enduring, a contractor can produce better results. Pergolas can be a beautiful and lasting addition to your outdoor living area when professionally built.

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