Monday, February 6, 2017

Tips for Designing the Perfect Deck

You’ve decided that a deck would be the perfect addition to your home, whether it is for function or for added property aesthetics. Now comes the time where you have to design it, which isn’t a complicated process if you plan ahead and know what elements to focus on.


One of your first decisions should be picking what material to use. Are you looking for something a bit more traditional like wood or do you want something more modern? Wood is a great option if you are looking to save money and have easy access to building materials. If you do go with wood, it’s advisable to put some type of protective coat on the surface that waterproofs it. That way, it lasts for a long time so you can save time and money on decking maintenance.

Another option that is topping the charts as of late is composite. Made from plastic and wood recycled materials, composite decks offer a smooth surface and are not as prone to chipping and rotting like traditional wood is.


An important safety feature that would be essential your deck is the railing, particularly if you have children who like to wander off. Just like the deck itself, there are many great materials to use. Vinyl railings provide a timeless look and require minimal maintenance. This material is also five times stronger than wood. Another durable option you might consider is aluminum, which often features a powder-coat finish to hold up in any type of environment. The concept of a perfect deck really varies from person to person, but you can achieve success with these projects if you plan ahead. Consider materials, the design, and accessories to design a deck that functions perfectly on your property.

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