Sunday, June 11, 2017

Why Pergolas Contractors Recommend This Addition

Pergolas are perfect for relaxing or dining outdoors. These outdoor spaces are created with cross rafters instead of walls, and they can be freestanding, which means that the pergolas contractor doesn’t need to attach the structure to any existing structure such as your home or the fence. Here are some reasons why contractors recommend building this interesting home addition:

Visual Interest

A pergola is ideal for showcasing plants and flowers in your backyard. Vines can grow over the rafters while hanging planters add visual interest. All weather fabrics draped from one post to the next also create a romantic look while providing additional protection from the elements.

Maximized Outdoor Space

Pergolas provide the ideal space for outdoor furniture, especially if one side is leaning on an existing structure like the wall of your home. The attached area allows shelter from wind and rain when you’re staying outdoors. A freestanding pergola can also provide protection when strategically placed in the yard.

A Good Project

Building a pergola is fairly easy if you have the right tools and possess the right skills. There are kits available that include pre-cut lumber and all of the necessary hardware, but if you don’t have the right tools, it can become a difficult task to accomplish. A pergolas contractor can eliminate the hassle of having to buy or rent these tools.

Sun and Shade

A major benefit of a pergola over a standard patio roof is the ability to determine how much sun or shade the structure provides. By studying the pergola’s area and the angle of the sun, one can control the amount of shade provided with the placement of the rafters. 

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