Friday, December 23, 2016

Top Materials to Use When Building Pergolas

There are many structures you can add to your backyard to liven it up, but perhaps the most popular today is a pergola. These structures are large and can be designed using many different materials. Here are several that are sweeping this market, and for good reason.


Wood is one of the most popular materials, sought after by many, because of its natural beauty. Each wood piece is different from the next so you can create a dynamic effect in your backyard. In the wood category, you can use teak, redwood, mahogany, and cedar. All of these choices are resistant to warping and rotting.


In terms of durability, it is hard to beat a metal pergola. You can use it to give your backyard a rustic, aged look. It can last for many years, but does have a tendency of rusting. Thankfully, you can buy metal materials that have been galvanized so that they last for a long time in any environment. If the metal is not galvanized, you can always go back and apply a powder-coat to it.


You may not have a lot of time to maintain your pergola over the years, in which case a PVC pergola is ideal. Thick PVC sections provide durability that wood simply can’t match. This material usually comes in a white color, a coveted feature if you want to bring warmth to your backyard.

The materials you use when building a pergola are important to consider. The choice is easy when you think about factors like costs, availability, and durability.

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