Friday, November 18, 2016

Home Decking: Materials that Add Value

If you are adding a deck to your home, a driving force when planning is the materials you use. There are a lot of great options today, but these definitely stand out and offer many benefits.


Versatile is a word that perfectly describes composite as a decking material. It comes in many different colors and mimics the authentic look of wood, while being more durable. That’s because it is made of recycled wood and plastic.

The smooth surface is safe to walk on barefoot for hours, which is nice if you have children. Even though this material choice is more expensive than most, it doesn’t have a tendency of chipping or warping. Taking care of a deck has never been easier, thanks to this material.

Deck Tiles

Another good option is deck tile, a reusable material that can be customized in so many different ways. A lot of these tiles have a snap design so you can quickly connect them together and place them over the pre-existing deck material.

Glue and nails are not required to secure these tiles in place. If you get bored with the color or don’t want to use them anymore, simply unsnap them together. You can even interchange different styles and colors of tiles, for a dramatic effect that impresses everyone around the area.

The material you choose for your home’s deck is important, both for function and aesthetics. Consider what you are looking for before renovating, so you are content with your backyard oasis.

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