Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Take Note of These Stylish Deck Features

More than a place to rest and unwind outdoors, decks are now the perfect spot to entertain guests. That’s why your main goal shouldn’t be to have a basic deck when you can go all out with these fantastic and stylish features.

Built-in Furniture

You don’t need to buy new pieces of furniture when you can install built-in benches along your deck. Add plush pillows and a painted rug as a finishing touch, and you have an outdoor room that maximizes lounging space.

Shade Features

Adding arbors and pergolas are great as shades from the sunlight, especially during the summer months. You can further make these features more sophisticated by adding hanging plants and vines.


Your deck can look even more elegant when you add a well-designed staircase. Should you consider adding stairs, make sure that you do your research first on building code requirements.

Outdoor Living

Make the most out of your deck by adding an outdoor kitchen. Here, you can finally enjoy a sumptuous dinner with your family and friends outside. Make the space cozier by adding built-in features like fire pits and planter boxes.


One great thing about adding a deck is that you’re not limited to the usual lighting fixtures like lamp posts. By installing discrete lights into your deck, you can set a relaxed mood for your enjoyment.

More importantly, don’t forget to seek help from a professional when building a deck with these features!

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