Friday, March 10, 2017

How to Use Decking in Your Commercial Space

If you own a commercial space, you may be familiar with the struggle of setting your business apart from the rest. Particularly if you rely on foot traffic for your sales, you need to offer an inviting space for customers to enter and enjoy.

Businesses such as bars and restaurants can easily use decking to keep their customers coming in.

Go for Visual Appeal

Customers will be drawn to a space that seems warm and inviting, so if you have a well-designed outdoor area to show off, that will help to drive up sales. If it’s not visible from the front of your commercial space, advertize it with an eye catching sign!

Start with an attractive base decking. Choose a color that matches your interior aesthetics, and a style that’s adaptable. You can add interest to a decking area with intricate railings, pergolas and soft lighting, as well as comfortable outdoor furniture.

Don’t Forget About Safety

Safety is vital for any business, so don’t let your standards slip when you have your decking built. Choose a material that doesn’t become slippery in wet weather to avoid slip and fall accidents. Composite decking such as Timbertech is a good choice as you can select styles that are grooved to provide extra grip.

If your decking area is raised, choose railings that will hold well against impact. Some of the top choices are metal and composite fencing. As a side benefit, these materials are also easy to maintain and keep clean, which is desirable in a busy business environment.

Your commercial space can be transformed with some carefully thought out decking. Always use a reputable contractor to ensure you’re choosing good quality materials that meet safety standards.

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